In Home Dates

Spectrum In-home Dates 2013/2014

Beginning Month Publications Mid-Month Publications
Manchester / Nashua / Derry-Londonderry / Concord / Hudson-Pelham Salem-Methuen / North Andover-Andover / Plaistow-Haverhill / Groveland-Reading-Wilmington
May 1st May 8th
June 5th June 12th
July 3rd July 10th
August 7th August 14th
September 4th September 11th
October 2nd October 9th
November 6th November 13th
December 4th December 11th
January 2nd January 8th
February 5th February 12th
March 5th March 12th
April 2nd April 9th
April 30th May 7th

Circulation Statistics

Circulation Statistics

Spectrum Monthly allows its advertisers to optimize their advertising efforts by selectively running the advertisements in the areas most likely to get the greatest return on investment. This "zoning" provides much more flexibility than many other media formats and helps contribute to making Spectrum Monthly one of the most efficient advertising vehicles available.

Spectrum Monthly - Zone Recap
Zone Footprint Direct Mail Rack Copies Area Total
Manchester, NH Area 60,908 7,000 67,908
Nashua/Merrimack, NH 46,909 5,000 51,909
Derry / Londonderry 21,571 1,000 22,571
Hudson / Litchfield / Pelham / Windham Area 21,403 700 22,103
Salem, NH / Methuen, MA Area 29,634 3,500 33,134
North Andover / Andover, MA Area 23,483 2,000 25,483
Concord, NH Area 24,113 2,500 26,613
Plaistow, NH / Haverhill, MA Area 33,954 3,500 37,454
Tewksbury / Reading / Wilmington, MA Area 33,511 4,000 37,511
Totals 293,072 29,000 322,072

Display Advertising

Spectrum Monthly - Display Advertising

Spectrum Monthly offers a diverse range of local advertising solutions for the New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts markets. Below you will find the publication display rates along with links to addition advertising options such as Spectrum inserts, "outserts" ad DACs.

DAC (Detached Address Cards)
Spectrum Monthly "Outserts"
Spectrum Monthly Inserts
General Display Ad Rates
Ad Size Size 1 Month Frequency Discount
1/8 Page 3.685"w x 2.33"h $340 $295
Additional Zone $230 $210
1/4 Page 3.685"w x 4.81"h $475 $395
Additional Zone $300 $250
1/2 Page 7.5"w x 4.81"h $640 $590
Additional Zone $410 $370
1/2 Page Vertical 3.685"w x 9.75"h Add $50 Add $50
Full Page 7.5"w x 9.75"h $1120 $1015
Additional Zone $725 $635
Front Cover:

$700 per footprint
Reserved with deposit only.
Available after 3 consecutive months of advertising.

Choice Color:

$95 per zone / per ad

Process Full Color: Rate + $175

(Ad must run in a complete footprint)

Guaranteed Position:

Rate + 15% When available

Advertising Options


Detached Address Card (DAC)

A "DAC" offers your business the opportunity for a free standing direct mail piece that is outside of Spectrum Monthly. Spectrum’s address label is printed on one side, while the other side of the 5 x 8 1/2 inch card can carry your message for less than half of the standard bulk mail postal rate! Add a different punch to your advertising. People must see your message. This popular advertising format is available in each zone to one advertiser per month! One low rate includes design, printing and postage. Ask us for samples, special contract discounts, and reservation information.

PLAIN STOCK: Black & One Color (10,000+) 9¢ per piece GLOSSY STOCK: Black & One Color (10,000+) 10.5¢ per piece Upgrade to FULL COLOR: For Only $250

Spectrum "Outserts"

An “outsert” is one of Spectrum’s most powerful advertising placements. Stitched directly to the outside cover of each Spectrum Monthly publication, your message is kept in front of your local market for the entire shelf-life of the publication. Keeping a visible message in front of your prospective customers for up to an entire month and giving them a method to respond immediately is a proven strategy to deliver results. This format is limited to one advertiser per zone each month.

Full FootprintS: 9.5¢ per piece Derry-Londonderry Salem-Methuen Andover-North Andover Tewksbury-Reading-Wilmington Plaistow-Haverhill Concord Hudson-Litchfield-Pelham-Windham Full Footprints: 7¢ per piece Manchester Nashua

Spectrum Inserts

With Spectrum Monthly’s inserting program, your business can take advantage of direct home delivery of a free standing piece at rates that are much lower than the cost of an individual direct mailing. We can even print an insert for you. Size is no obstacle. Spectrum inserts can be as small as a business card, or as large as a full size newspaper—but may not exceed 11” x 14” flat. Spectrum is delivered to the Post Office in wrapped bundles, so there is no chance of your insert falling out.


Insert the full circulation, an entire town or zip code, or only the area immediately surrounding your business. We’ll work with you to design a suitable customized inserting plan.

Pre-Printed Insertion Rates
Up to 4 pages
0 - 10,000 6.5¢ per piece
10,000+ 5.5¢ per piece
20,000+ 4.5¢ per piece
5% pre-payment discount applies
Pre & Insertion Rates
Additional Colors - Up to 8 colors, Add $90 per color
Upgrade to full color (both sides): $375 (Save $345)
8.5 x 11 20# White Stock 6.5¢ per piece
8.5 x 11 80# White Gloss 7.5¢ per piece
11 x 14 Folded 60# White Stock 9¢ per piece
11 x 14 Flat 60# White Stock 9¢ per piece
11 x 17 Folded 80# White Gloss 11¢ per piece
11 x 17 Flat 80# White Gloss 11¢ per piece